Funeral bouquets

Kleurig rouwarrangement kistversiering

Flowers & bouquets for funerals

Has someone died and you want to show a sympathy? Choose a funeral bouquet. This shows that you think of the loved ones and relatives of the deceased and you support them. At florist Oktober in huis you will find a variety of funeral flowers and funeral bouquets for funerals. These bouquets range from large flower arrangements with a graceful ribbon to small and subdued bouquets. The flower arrangements and funeral bouquets might, of course, be adjusted with the flowers and colors of your choice.

Customised funeral bouget

A funeral bouquet is very personal. Our florists will make the funeral bouquet according to your wishes and requirements. Everything is possible. For example, you can have the favourite flowers of the deceased in your funeral bouquet, or flowers in a certain color that the deceased liked. But also the use of more traditional funeral flowers, such as white lilies, is possible.

Last honor

Whatever flowers you choose when a loved one dies: flowers are the most beautiful way to show your last honor. With a funeral bouquet from Oktober in huis, you know for sure that you choose a carefully composed bouquet, which will be appreciated by the family. Visit us for personal advice or visit the webshop for inspiration.