Buitenkant Oktober in huis Eindhoven


Florist Oktober in huis has, of course, flowers for all seasons. In fact, for every week! Because with a  subscription for individuals or companies, we provide fresh flowers every week at your home or office! So you can enjoy the colours, styles and beautiful atmosphere from Oktober in huis every week. We are happy to take into account all your wishes, requirements and preferences for the subscription.

Put your bouquet together in our store in Eindhoven or in our webshop. Do you need more information about Oktober in huis or about our products? Do not hesitate and drop us a line!

Fleurop and Oktober in huis

You know it well: you want to send flowers to someone on the other side of the country – or maybe even abroad. But you do not know which florists are well known in that region. Then Fleurop is the ideal solution for you. With Fleurop you can be sure that your recipient will receive high-quality flowers that have been selected with care and attention. Oktober in huis is Fleurop-Partner and can help you send your flowers.


At Fleurop you can choose from a fixed arrangement of flowers. Whether you want to send a funeral bouquet, an occasional bouquet, get well flowers or just a birthday bouquet: Fleurop offers you a wide selection of bouquets, which to a certain extent are standard. The bouquet therefore looks exactly the same as in the catalog. This ensures that you choose a bouquet that will appeal to the recipient in terms of composition and use of color.


Fleurop is an international organisation. This means that the bouquet that you order from Fleurop in Oktober in huis for a friend in Groningen, for example, is not compiled by the Oktober in huis. The other way around is also true. Do you get a Fleurop bouquet from someone from the other side of the country, or even on the other side of the world, and do you live in Eindhoven? Chances are that we have composed your bouquet with care!